Gravity boosted hydro-kinetic energy converter of pontoon power barges with overwater asymmetric pin drive trains for NON-STOP POWER ™

All forms of renewable energy help meet the growing energy needs of our society. To limit the degree to which we are taxing the earth’s resources, it is to everyone’s benefit to find and use sources of energy with the least impact on the environment.

Solar and wind are currently the dominant renewable energy sources, but one of the common issues around these sources of energy is that they are periodic at best and at worst unpredictable. This makes it very difficult to compensate for those times when power from these sources is not available, and this alone may negate most benefits, or make the installation totally impractical in locations where there is no existing constant source.

Energy from flowing water (hydrokinetic energy) is unique in that it is much more predictable than solar or wind, with only seasonal variations or variations during unusual events such as floods. But for the most part if a stream is flowing, it is flowing 24 hours a day with gradual changes as the seasons change. Canals and controlled rivers are even more predictable as they are controlled by a system operator. Thus hydrokinetic energy can be used as a base load power source, having a profound effect on communities currently without reliable power as it can be used for critical applications such as refrigeration, medical, or schooling. Locations currently using fossil fuel based generators can reduce their fuel costs (or even eliminate them), by tying in the hydrokinetic power system to work in concert with the system or even replace it. All this can be done with a minimal impact on the environment.

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